Here’s What Our Embedded Employees Have To Say

“Remote work has changed the game and I don’t think I’ll ever want to go back to commuting everyday. Having the extra flexibility and time on my hands has been a real asset to productivity.”
Front-end developer
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“Working for a high-growth company and still feeling like an equal team player is something I thought was quite rare, but since day one at my job I’ve felt invested in and incredibly included in my team.”
UI/UX Designer
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“The hiring process felt really seamless and I was communicated with ever step along the way until being placed into my role. Not to mention the opportunities that I have been offered working for a UK based company has afforded me. I’m loving it!”
Social Media Manager
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“At first I was skeptical working for a start-up, as I thought it was risky. But my contract has allowed me to have full-time employment status while still allowing me to progress. As well as knowing I’ll be re-positioned if unfairly dismissed!”
Sales Development Representative
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Founder Feedback helped us to create a solution to staffing that brings together the dedication of employees with the flexibility of contractors.

Here’s what some had to say:
Tom Le Bree
CEO at Company Name

"Employees offer in-house talent and ability to upskill, plus sharing of knowledge. Contractors are less admin & HR intense, particularly when located in another country as they would send you an invoice."

Nick Roveta
CEO at Company Name

"Employees are long term investments from the company in training/ development/ career progress."

Luke Aviet
CEO at Company Name

"Employees are more committed to the cause since they’re part of the team and therefore more likely to think long term about the health of the business."

Sean Donnelly
CEO at Company Name

"I like the prospect of having a contractor for 6 months with a view of them coming on full-time afterwards. Feel it reduces risk for the company"

Chris Lightfoot
CEO at Company Name

"Employees tend to work for the good of the company and put in the effort if you give them the right package, instill the right values, and develop a culture of team. They can represent the company and build confidence in the business and clients."

Tracy Brader
CEO at Company Name

"Clients may get attached to contractors and since there is no security of on-going working relationships, clients prefer working with employees over contractors."

Laura Jardine Paterson
CEO at Company Name

"Contractors don't require tax on salary or incentives, generally less admin making them simpler to manage. However, happy employees invest far more pride and personal ownership which reflects in work quality and culture."

Jamie Yuksel
CEO at Company Name

"Employees can be a better investment and better fit within a company culture. Contracting can promote diversity, should a cost effective solution be available."

Rory Normanton
CEO at Company Name

"As a hiring manager, interviewing for an employee gives you perspective. Contractors offer flexibility and reduced payroll liability, and should a wide talent pool be available that would be beneficial."

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