How it works

We're uniquely positioned to support your business with top talent on flexible terms - here’s how we do it!

Book A Call
Step 1

Book a Discovery Call

This is where we get to learn more about you and your business. We’ll cover all the key points of your company together - such as  its goals, size, and values in order to help us find the best candidates to fit your company culture.

Tell us what experience you want the top candidates to have and if we can offer them any opportunities for help them grow and develop.Is the position you're looking to fill full-time or part-time? Do you foresee a definitive end-date?

We'll use this time with you to understand the unique requirements and build up the perfect profile for your ideal candidate.

Book a discovery call with Embedded Employee
Embedded Employee sourcing candidates
Step 2

Sourcing your candidates

It takes us around 2 to 3 weeks to vet over 100 candidates before creating our shortlist of preferred candidates.

These candidates will then be put through a 3 phase interview process, testing their soft and hard skills, before an assessment of their alignment and cultural fit to the values of your business.

After being presented with our top picks, we will provide candidate summary documents of whom we feel present the best fit. We will then host an introductory meeting at your convenience and leave it with you to select the top candidate for you to embedded.

Step 3

Onboarding your new Embedded Employee

Once you've decided on your Embedded Employee, we'll provide them with Full Time Employment cover to work for you exclusively. As well as a host of benefits and incentives designed to align their wellbeing and growth with your businesses values and objectives.

You’ll then get a simple renewable contract, which can be terminated during the first month if needed, providing ultimate flexibility. As well as ease of payment through a monthly invoice lower than competitive UK salaries (and without the additional liabilities.)

Your dedicated HR accounts manager will assist with any additional staffing requirements and the wellbeing of your Embedded Employees as you grow your remote team.

Onboarding your new Embedded Employee

Scale your team operations without the complexity

Hire top quality, pre-vetted, remote candidates with zero-onboarding fees required.