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Hire top quality, pre-vetted, remote candidates with zero-onboarding fees required.
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How An Embedded Employee Can Benefit You

A few of the many benefits of using an embedded employee versus using a contractor
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Boost Productivity
  • Deploy specialised skills where & when you need them
  • Instantly increase your capacity to get more done
  • Outperform in your industry
Boost Productivity Today
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Enhance Your Reputation
  • Attract even more top talent
  • Let your brand stand out from the crowd
  • Unlock more opportunities for growth
Enhance Your Reputation Today
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Quickly Adapt to Market Trends
  • Save your resources & cut operating costs
  • Give your customers a better experience
  • Increase your bottom line
Adapt to Market Trends
Submit a candidate role
  • Submit a form with a position for a  role you’d like filled & we’ll back to you within 24h with our best options
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Why You Need An
Embedded Employee

A remote based team member dedicated to your business on your time zone, with the flexibility of a rolling contract.

We Take Away The Stress Of Full-Time Employment In A Growing Startup By:

Cost Effective
  • No hiring or onboarding fee
  • Lower than competitive UK Salaries
  • You’ll only pay for hours worked
  • Holidays & sick leave reimbursed
Be Cost Effective Today
  • Min. 6 months renewable contract
  • Option for half time
  • One monthly invoice for multiple employees
Be Flexible Today
Fully Vested
  • We find the right candidate
  • We provide bonuses and perks
  • We organise experiences
  • Teams of three + are given a satellite office to work from
Be Fully Vested Today

How We Hire Top Quality Candidates

We're uniquely positioned to support your business with top talent on flexible terms - here’s how we do it!
Discovery call icon
Step 1

Discovery Call

We’ll cover all the key points of your company together. Especially its goals, size, and values. So we can find you the best candidates to fit your company culture.

Sourcing icon
Step 2


It takes us around 2 to 3 weeks to vet over 100 candidates before we find you the perfect match. These candidates go through a 3 phase interview before you get the top talent summary pack.

Onboarding icon
Step 3


Once you've picked your top talent, we'll cover them with our own global company. But they'll work only for you. You'll get a simple renewable contract with the option to extend or end it.

Want to Know What Other Pioneering Founders Like You Have To Say?

Here’s what we found out:
Founder feedback profile image
Timothy Gilboy
CEO at Company Name

"The benefits for an employee are typically more long term focus and also we are more confident they will stick around. Although with regards to short term projects, contractors can be really beneficial."

Founder feedback profile image
Luke Aviet
CEO at Company Name

"Employees are more committed to the cause since they’re part of the team and therefore more likely to think long term about the health of the business."

Founder feedback profile image
Jamie Yuksel
CEO at Company Name

"Employees can be a better investment and better fit within a company culture. Contracting can promote diversity, should a cost effective solution be available"

Founder feedback profile image
Amandine Flachs
CEO at Company Name

"Employees offer in-house talent and ability to upskill, plus sharing of knowledge. Contractors are less admin & HR intense, particularly when located in another country as they would send you an invoice."

Founder feedback profile image
Tracy Brader
CEO at Company Name

"Clients may get attached to contractors and since there is no security of on-going working relationships, clients prefer working with employees over contractors."

Founder feedback profile image
Chris Lightfoot
CEO at Company Name

"Employees tend to work for the good of the company and put in the effort if you give them the right package, instill the right values, and develop a culture of team. They can represent the company and build confidence in the business and clients."

Founder feedback profile image
Paul David Mather
CEO at Company Name

"Contractors are more independent and task-focused. Whereas employees are more embedded in their team and company culture, which tends to increase productivity and impact."

Founder feedback profile image
Rory Normanton
CEO at Company Name

"As a hiring manager, interviewing for an employee gives you perspective. Contractors offer flexibility and reduced payroll liability, and should a wide talent pool be available that would be beneficial."

Founder feedback profile image
Nick Roveta
CEO at Company Name

"Employees are long term investments from the company in training/ development/ career progress."

Scale your team operations without the complexity

Hire top quality, pre-vetted, remote candidates with zero-onboarding fees required.